YurtsCustom-built wooden yurts as collapsible camping structures.


Update (July 2019)

When I sold my house and moved to an apartment this year, rather than get a storage unit I decided to pass on my yurts to a new home. I hadn’t been back to the Burn since 2011 anyway.

One thing I found was that with age, some of the 12' yurt’s slats started to become brittle, especially where they were forced to bend a little more to join with the door. I didn’t want to rip more 2x4s to make equally weak replacements, so I used 1/4" thick polycarbonate strips from TAP Plastics. I replaced 3 or 4 slats this way, and it started to give the yurt a cyber look. Even though it would be more expensive, and heavier, I would seriously consider using polycarbonate for the whole lattice if I make another one.

From 2008-2010, I designed and built two wooden yurts, primarily for use at Burning Man. They worked well for that purpose; however, 2011 was the last year I attended the burn.

The larger (12') yurt formed the base of a 24-watt laser art installation at Toorcamp in 2012.

Below are some photo galleries on Flickr.

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8' yurt
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12' yurt
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Laser yurt!